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The lighthouse in this image is near to our location (Mumbles Lighthouse near Swansea in South Wales). This image illustrates our business philosophy. “No matter where it is located the purpose of a lighthouse is always the same; to warn ships of danger and guide them safely on their way”.

“So, we try to warn business sellers and buyers of the dangers involved in both selling and buying a business and we do our best to guide them safely on their journey to either sell or buy a business.”

Did you know:​

  • 90% of people who begin the search to buy a business never complete.

  • Only 20% of all of the businesses listed for sale ever sell.

  • Business brokers only account for 10% of all transactions.

  • About 50% of  deals that are agreed to between buyer and seller, never complete

The Business Exchange (TBX)

We are Mergers, Business Sales and Acquisition Specialists located in Swansea, South Wales, UK. We help and assisting businesses and business owners throughout the UK and internationally in buying and selling businesses.


We pride ourselves in being a family firm with strong links with national and international synergistic partners – which makes us a bigger and stronger firm. We are a NICHE player and are very different in our approach to helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow, buy or sell a business. If every person or business is going in one similar direction – look at the other options, as in our experience about 80% of people and businesses do the wrong things on a frighteningly regular basis. Contact us – PLEASE – and let’s be different together.


Our expert business consultants are ready to help you with the following:


The Business Exchange (TBX) are not only Business Brokers and Business Transfer Agents! We are also a Corporate Finance and M&A advisory firm. As you can see from our website in the field of Corporate Finance and Merger & Acquisitions our services go beyond that of a standard Business Broker.

We encourage all sellers and buyers to adopt the Latin terms - "Caveat Emptor" which means "Buyer Beware" and "Caveat Venditor" which means "Let the Seller Beware".

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You can also see our privately owned offices in the following image:

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That's right. We are punching above our weight and have now ‘partnered’ with Takuwa. As their Sole UK Agency, we are acting on their behalf handling and assisting them with their Buy-Side Business Buyer Client interests in the UK going forward.


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