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Our Services

In addition to helping our clients BUY and SELL businesses, we provide the following services:


Consultancy Services

We provide a range of Consultancy Services to Small & Medium sized "limited company" businesses and the Third Sector throughout the UK, USA, Canada and Australia (with our partner firms). The main services we provide are as follows:


Corporate Finance (please note we are a consultancy firm and not a lender of finance)
  • We have in-house expertise to raise corporate finance within the United Kingdom; USA; Canada; Australia and other Countries too. Specifically, we produce business plans for limited company clients only to access Government backed funding in the UK and, where available, throughout the world. We get paid for doing the business plan, financial forecasts and submission to funders.

  • Translation services available where required.

  • We have particular skills and strategies in adopting “seller” finance strategies, which is a USA term (earn-outs in the UK) for a method of finance for buying a business over a number of years.

  • Business Planning and Financial Forecasting expertise is also available to our ‘Buyer’ clients.

  • By ‘partnering’ with proven Lawyers we are also able to produce all required legal documents for asset & goodwill or share purchases; shareholders agreements; seller finance loan note documents; share option agreements; promissory notes and other related legal documents.

  • We have particular expertise in the use of accessing UNSECURED FINANCE throughout the world – for example: the SBA Loan scheme in the USA; the ENTERPRISE FINANCE LOAN GUARANTEE SCHEME (EFG) in the UK.

  • For clients wishing to gain entry into the UK or other EU Countries, we have Inward Investment expertise in accessing European GRANT (Free) funding towards factory/business setting up costs – in certain areas this can be up to 47% of approved capital expenditure (linked to job creation and/or protection) – subject to eligibility. Please contact us

Franchise Consultancy

We have many years of experience in helping firms to Franchise or License their business as a means of business growth. We work with our legal partners to draw up the required legal agreements and we help with the strategy, operating manuals, financial forecasts and Business Plans for the Franchisor and Franchisee. We also help to put together the entire marketing package and can stay on board to handle your prospect Franchisee enquiries. This franchise consultancy service is provided at an affordable cost to businesses, as many of our competitors are extremely expensive. If you are thinking “I want to franchise my business,” or “How do I franchise my business?”, let’s talk.

Franchise Consultancy
Business Growth Consultancy

We have had many years of experience assisting and mentoring entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Both in terms of the best strategy to grow and the best method of business finance to use. We have worked with business entrepreneurs and social/charity sector entrepreneurs too. Our experience covers a variety of industries with expertise in the following sectors: General Manufacturing; Furniture Manufacturing; Exhibition Manufacturing; Recycling; Waste Recycling; Environmental; Financial Services; Social Enterprise; Charity and Franchise sectors. Please contact us for an initial discussion.

One method of growth is of course via acquisition. Check out our page "UK Search Acquisition Services" to learn more about how we can assist you with sourcing/finding and acquiring a company.

Alternatively, read through our article "Buying a Business - a Guide" to learn more about how to achieve this method of growth via acquisition.

Business Growth Consultancy

The Business Exchange


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