Why Us?

Our Competitive Advantage:

For both Buyers and Sellers we charge an initial low cost engagement fee with a larger (but fair) Fixed Fee payable on completion of the deal. Whereas, our Competition often charge a very large up front fee plus a very large % of the deal based upon the final sale price.

Do we charge an Upfront fee?

Our customers do pay us an upfront low cost non-refundable engagement fee (as stated above) – which is an indication they are serious about Buying or Selling a business.

This fee structure is intended to separate the sincere Buyers & Sellers from the insincere. 

Why should we earn a % of any deal?

We don't. If we find a Buyer or a Seller and the deal goes to completion we charge an agreed Fixed Fee - NOT one linked to the price as a %. 

It is all about Sincerity

Our USP - Sincerity. Click the button below for a full explanation and analogy.

We are also a Corporate Finance Firm and have the background and experience to help with the deal structure and in obtaining the finance for the Buyer. 

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The Business Exchange (TBX)

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