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Free No Cost Business Valuation Service

A Professional Free Business Valuation

Here at The Business Exchange (TBX), as Business Brokers & Corporate Finance Specialists, we offer a Free No Cost Business Valuation Service to UK Businesses as a part of our Buy Side and Sell Side Services. If you have signed up with us, whether as a Buyer or Seller, as a part of our services we will place a guide value on your business or a target business you have found FREE OF CHARGE to you (with disclaimers as valuing a business is very subjective). 

What if I just want a Valuation at the moment?

We can do this for you too. 

We can (Option A) provide a verbal valuation to you over the phone. This is a very brief valuation method and we charge a small fee for this service and explain how we arrive at the guide values calculated and provided to you over the phone.


Alternatively, we can (Option B) provide a comprehensive valuation service. This will include a Full Guide Valuation Report with possible Guide Values for your business in addition to the accompanying legal documentation if required. Each Guide Valuation Report is explained thoroughly and our Advisers are always on-hand should you need clarification on any points. Both Valuation services are completely confidential and the comprehensive valuation service (Option B above) will be an Independent Arm's Length Valuation - which HMRC like to see. To determine which valuation service you need please speak with our Specialist Advisers today. 

To reach out to our expert consultants you can either email us, call us or fill in the contact form below.

Having read the above please understand that we do not only value businesses. As you can see from our website, we also help businesses and business owners sell their businesses throughout the UK. Additionally, we help Buyers find and make contact with Sellers via our Highly Targeted & Bespoke Acquisition Search Service. So if you are also looking for more than a valuation service and are in your search to find a Buyer or Seller please make contact today as we are keen to help you!

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