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Who are the Business Exchange?

Our brand has been around since 2006. Some of our consultants have over 30 years experience. Here at The Business Exchange - also known as TBX, we offer a ‘niche’ service to a select number of businesses, business owners and aspiring business owners for clients all over the world! We are a family business with vast business experience.



Our ultimate goal is helping you, our client,

  • to either sell your business at a price and deal you are happy with;

  • or to help you buy a business which meets your needs;

  • or to provide you with other related services which will be of assistance to you.


In our firm, we also offer business valuations as one of our main services i.e. analysing and comparing our client’s financials with our previous transactions, industry databases and offering the information with the appropriate recommendations to help position your business to ultimately maximise the sale of your business but with ‘realism’.



About Us


Most people who try selling a business, use no-win no-fee Business Transfer Agents who usually just advertise the business for sale, with no pro-active marketing.

Most businesses do not sell via this method!

We have seen statistics as high as 70% of businesses for sale – not selling!



If you want to sell your business… speak with us!  We will actively market your business for sale to synergistic potential buyers.


If you want to buy a business, talk with us for free! We will discuss your background & circumstances and based upon this we will advise you on the type and location of business to buy.

Then, we can act on your behalf and find the most suitable business for sale for you.



Headquartered in Swansea, South Wales, UK – Our firm works both nationally within the UK and Internationally.

It is an innovative business consulting firm specialising in Business Advice, Business Transfer, Corporate Finance and strategic research and planning within this field.

We have the credentials and experience to help you get to where you want to go.



  • we have the ability to value a business; value Goodwill and/or Intellectual Property Rights (IPR);

  • draw up a list of potential buyers or sellers to approach; construct a ‘win-win’ buying or selling deal for both buyer and seller;

  • raise finance for buying a business (with a focus on using ‘unsecured business finance’ where possible).


We have also developed winning strategies to allow a buyer to buy a business via an ‘Earn-Out’ strategy or ‘Seller Finance’ is the USA term – this can be a win-win approach for both buyer and seller.


If you’re seeking to buy a business or sell a business:

To access a business for sale which you may wish to buy, please e-mail us your brief details by completing our Buyer Registration Form.

We will then contact you to discuss the next steps.

This is a free service to prospective Buyers.

The only time we charge a fee to the Buyer is if we are asked to undertake a professional acquisition search which we will quote for on an individual basis. We also will search for your target business within our international ‘partner’ network.

If you wish to sell your business, please e-mail us your brief details by completing our Seller Registration form. We will then contact you to provide a FREE business valuation and then we will e-mail you our proposal to sell your business. We will then agree our fee which is usually based on a small deposit (demonstrating a serious commitment to us) and mostly via a no-win no-fee basis.

Please note: We are NOT a low cost Business Transfer Agency.  We regard ourselves as a mid priced agency working with “niche” clients. We offer a completely confidential service to the businesses we sell and thus we sometimes advertise businesses for sale on our web site.

Our firm offers a niche specialist Business Transfer service to a select number of clients who genuinely want to either buy a business or sell a business. Thus, we are not like any other Business Transfer firm who lists hundreds of businesses for sale and the vast majority do not sell.

The vast majority of businesses for sale we take on – we sell, unlike most other business brokers or business transfer agents. We usually do not publish businesses for sale as we work on a STRICT PRIVACY basis for businesses throughout the world (including off shore businesses). However, we sometimes advertise businesses for sale via our Business for Sale Listings Page.



We are able to structure Seller Finance deals (Earn-Outs, is the UK term). Seller Finance (a USA term) occurs where the seller is paid the value of the business over an agreed period of time from the Buyer (often between 2 years and 20 years).

Sounds simple and in principle – it is, but in practice it can be complex to achieve and create a win-win financial strategy for both buyer and seller.

We can help, so please Contact The Business Exchange (TBX) today by clicking here.

We are proud to be one of the few UK members of the IBBA (the International Business Brokers Association – based in the USA).

Want to get in touch? Please contact us...

The Business Exchange (TBX)

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