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Land Development


As a family firm we operate in “niche specialist” land development areas:

  • Land options are taken for Social Housing Development

  • Land options are taken for Private Developers

  • We buy and sell land for future development


As part of our business we also research and target land owners and property owners with view to our company taking Land Options on the target land to allow us (often in conjunction with our identified development “partners”) to develop and sell on the land and/or options to a final building company or development company. The planning application process and costs are undertaken at our cost or in association with our ‘partner’ development companies.


Some examples of our involvement, via our senior Director and Consultants,:

  • we have assisted in identifying and obtaining options on land to lease and develop into Large Scale Solar Farms. After Planning Permission was obtained, these options were sold onto specialist companies who operate Solar Farms. The farmers and landlords who owned the land benefited from receiving monthly rent index linked for 20years via the final Solar Farm tenant.

  • In addition to taking Land Options, we have purchased land and property for further development.

  • We manage the entire planning process​

Please click on each photograph below to see some of our projects. Please double click to view enlarged versions.


Corporation House
Solar Farm Development
Mapping Services
Laser Mapping
Arial Photo
Proposed Layout

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