Takuwa now 'partnered' with The Business Exchange


What this means?

First of all, that's right, we are indeed punching above our weight and have now ‘partnered’ with Takuwa. As their Sole UK Agency, we are acting on their behalf handling and assisting them with their Buy-Side Business Buyer Client interests in the UK going forward.

Who are Takuwa?


Takuwa are an M&A specialist and operate internationally. They have offices in Tokyo, Beijing and Tianjin but also have branches and other representatives in HK SAR, Germany, Italy, Switzerland as well as us in the UK.

Why have Takuwa 'partnered' with The Business Exchange?


As we are in the UK, the process of liaising with and on behalf of Takuwa's Buy-Side Business Buyer Client interests in the UK will obviously be much easier and faster. We are a small family firm and therefore have the time & resource to help Takuwa in a dedicated capacity. We have also been working with Takuwa long before we were officially established as their Sole UK Agency and have successfully sourced possible Sell-Side opportunities for their Buy-Side clients. Our experience and track record is therefore firmly established.

If you would like to learn more about Takuwa, please do make contact with us as we would like to talk with you and at the very least we would appreciate the opportunity to send you Takuwa's latest Buy-Side Business Wanted List from time to time.

Please fill in the contact form below (Click here to be taken to the contact form) so that our Senior Adviser & Director here can make contact. We will also be in touch and include you on future emails regarding Takuwa's latest Buy-Side Business Wanted List.

What if I want to see the Buy-Side Business Wanted List now?

Don't worry, we can help you here. Please click here to be taken to the latest list of Businesses wanted by TBX's Business Buyers. Included in this page is an option to download the PDF attachment to view Takuwa's Buy-Side Clients Businesses Wanted List. This is the latest list we have, Please let us know if these opportunities match with your Sell-Side opportunities.

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